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After three of the greatest seasons in modern Vanderbilt football, many Commodore fans are left heartbroken. The success that these fans have tasted has gone for a sour ending now. From what they have feared from day one, that fear became a reality. James Franklin has left to become head coach at Penn State leaving Vanderbilt leaderless. The Commodores lost many other assistant coaches that have been taken to Penn State with James Franklin. Vanderbilt offensive coordinator John Donovan is the only one who has not been hired away to Penn State with Franklin, so him and other coaches are currently running things right now at Vandy. Many people do not even realize the impact this has had on Vanderbilt recruiting, which has taken a turn for the worst. Half of Vanderbilt’s recruiting class decommited within a 24 hour window after James Franklin left.

James Franklin Raids

In the past couple days three of those Vanderbilt commitments are now Penn State commitments. Two of those recruits switched over in less then 24 hours after the change.

Lloyd Tubman 3*

The highly talented three star defensive end racked up many offers from the Big Ten, SEC, and even an ACC school. It was a surprise to many at first that he left his home city of Louisville to not play for the Cardinals, and to commit for James Franklin at Vanderbilt first. When James Franklin left for Penn State on the 11th, Tubman followed him as well.

Chance Sorrell 3*

The 6’6 263 lb offensive tackle was the second recruit to join Franklin at Penn State. He had offers from Boston College, Indiana, and Cincinnati to name a few. He made his announcement of commitment to Penn State the same night on twitter.

Brendan Brosnan 3*

He is the second offensive tackle to decommit from Vanderbilt and follow James Franklin to Penn State. Other teams that offered Brosnan included Boston College, Illinois, Maryland, N.C. State and Syracuse.

vanderbilt recruiting

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