What if the College Football Playoffs were modeled after March Madness? Hypothetical 32 Team (2015-2016)

2016 32 team playoff picture
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Last year I made a hypothetical bracket for the College Football Playoffs using metrics similar to how the NCAA College Basketball Tournament selects their teams. To make this a yearly tradition for me I have done the same for this years teams.

Why 32 teams?

Thirty-two teams is exactly 25% of all FBS teams. This number is more in-line with the percentage of Division I basketball and NFL teams that make the postseason than an eight or sixteen team bracket. I also believe the 2013 Sugar where #21 Louisville dominated #3 Florida proves that programs in the bottom of the rankings/just outside the rankings can compete with the four playoff contenders. This is something I wanted to account for.

How is the seeding decided?

The seeding takes the ranking from the AP poll including the “others receiving votes” category. Each conference gets one automatic bid reserved for their highest ranked program. A conference who does not have a team in the top 32 will still get a bid at the cost of the lowest ranked at-large bid being knocked out. The seedings give no consideration to possible rematches.

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