Is the American a Power Conference?

I saw an interesting tweet from the AAC listing five reasons why the AAC should be considered a power conference.

While the AAC is having a great year, AAC fans in my opinion should be embarrassed over this tweet.

For starters “power conference” is a term used to classify conferences for the football playoffs.  While the term has since grown to describe the five strongest conferences in general, it describes the conferences that have the most wealth, largest fanbases, and the best bowl tie-ins.

Most of the stats the AAC posted were related to basketball.  The problem with that logic is no amount of basketball success is going to draw the AAC any closer to being a power conference.

No disrespect to the AP All-America selections or the women’s NIT, but they are not accomplishments worth using to promote oneself as a power conference. They are nice accomplishments for the school and athletes involved, but if the AAC wants to be considered a conference above mid-major status then they should not be resorting to this type of smack talk.

It reminds me of an old saying:

If you have to keep telling everyone you are the boss, you are not the boss.

I understand the AAC is a new conference and they only have the accomplishments of this year to point to, but they should be better than this. The AAC has a long successful history in front of them. Their trophy case will grow in the near future. For now the conference needs to let those accomplishments pile up first.

The AAC is filled with some solid programs and solid schools. The AAC will earn the respect of college football fans if they continue to invest ample amounts of money/resources into their programs, make smart administrative decisions, and back all that up with athletic success.


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